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How do Oranges grow?

Did you know an orange stops ripening after it is picked?

  • Latin Name:

    Citrus rutaceae

  • Growth:

    How do oranges grow?

    Different varieties ripen in different seasons:
    Early season oranges (Hamlin, Navel) ripen from October to January before freezing temps set in.
    Mid-season varieties (Pineapple, Sunstar, Midsweet and Gardner ) ripen from December to March.
    Late season Valencias are harvested from March to June.

    Orange trees are evergreen and blossom about 7 months before fruiting. They grow best when chilled by light frosts in winter while semi-dormant in hardiness Zones 9 to 11.

    Orange trees can live and bear fruit for over 70 years.

  • Propagation:

    How are oranges propagated?

    Oranges are easily grown from seed, but then the consistency of fruit is uneven from tree to tree. Most oranges grown commercially are grafted: Branches that have successfully produced masses of tasty and well-shaped oranges are grafted onto hardy, disease-resistant rootstock.

  • Harvest:

    When are oranges harvested?

    An orange tree will bear fruit from 3 to 7 years.

    Oranges need to be picked when fully ripe - they will not continue to ripen off of the tree; however, once they have ripened, they can stay on the tree for two to three months during which time their shape and level of sweetness will change.

    Many growers prefer hand picking oranges, but some commercial groves use canopy shakers to remove the fruit from the tree.  40% of crop is used for juice production. Oranges can be stored in refrigeration for 12 weeks after picking. At room temperature, their shelf life is only one week.

  • Storage:

    How are oranges stored?

    Oranges will keep in room temperature for up to a week, and in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

    If an orange is pealed, wrap in plastic and store in the fridge.

  • History:

    Where do oranges come from?

    Oranges originated in the tropical regions of Asia and Malaysia as early as 2,500 BC: they next spread to India and Africa. Around the 15th century, Italian and Portuguese traders introduced oranges to the Mediterranean. Spanish explorers and colonists brought oranges with them to the Americas in the mid-1500s.

    Sailors brought oranges on board months long journeys to prevent scurvy. They also planted trees in countries along their sailing routes, so they would have a ready supply when they landed in port.

  • Top Producers:

    Which countries produce the most oranges?

    Brazil, United States, China, Mexico, Italy, and India

  • Varieties:

    What are some common orange varieties?

    There are dozens of varieties of oranges, so nine months of the year in a given region, there will be an orange tree fruiting. 


    Popular Valencia Olinda Orange Variety

    California Naval Oranges

  • Products:

    How are oranges used?

    Eaten raw, Juice, essential oils, pectin, candied peel, marmalade, cleaning products.

    How Orange Juice is made

  • Top Health Benefits:

    Are oranges healthy?

    •  Provide 100% of Vitamin C daily requirement
    • Rich in calcium, vitamins B1 and A
    • Contains d-Limonene that is effective in cancer prevention,flavonoids hesperidin and pectin that lower cholesterol and anti-inflammatories that have been shown to relieve joint pain.